Vegan Pasties

Best Vegan Burger

By McDonald, T.  |  Date 20th of October 2020

Ever since i began to eat vegan food, i have looked out for a great vegan burger.  This is my verdict on the vegan burgers i have tried.

Beyond Meat

This was not that bad.  I heard a lot about this on social media and decided to give it a go.  It has

No Bull

This I didn’t like at all.  Although it has a great advertising campaign, i was not impressed with it.  I found it to be soft and squidgy with next to no taste at all!  I found this burger in Iceland.

Linda McCartney

This was my favourite brand for years.  If i was going to have a burger, it would be either the vegetarian one with the mozzarella cheese or vegan burger.  I found these burgers to have good firmness and great flavour.  However, I was not that impressed with the pulled pork ones.  You can find these in most supermarkets.

Plant Chef from Tesco

This is by far the best vegan burger i ave ever had!  This actually tastes like meat and smells great. I love the texture and the firmness is perfect. Hard to believe it is not meat.