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The Price of Ignorance

By T. McDonald. | Date 1st of November 2019 | Updated on 3rd November 2019

Ever woke up and thought, ‘Is this it?’ Have you ever been plagued with the idea that something is wrong with the world or your life; something you can’t quiet put your finger on? If you have seen the matrix, you may be aware of the famous quote about having a splinter in the mind. Something in life is wrong and that thing is the price of ignorance.

Something in life is wrong. The fictional character Morpheus from the movie The Matrix (1999) explains: ‘…there is something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it is there like a splinter in your mind…’ So, what is it that is troubling people so much that it comes out in modern media and common sayings? To answer that question, we must first look at what we are. We are animals. Animals need to find resources by which to sustain themselves and humans are no different. Many people also have pets ranging from dogs and cats to snakes and tarantulas! In addition, you will also hear many people saying that they love animals and could not harm them. What do many people eat for their main meal? What do many people put in their sandwiches? There is one troubling food group: meat! Could this be the thing that is troubling so many young people? Is it the source of shame and guilt? On the one hand people love animals and on the other there is this need to survive, but if people like animals so much why do many people eat them? Again, from the movie The Matrix (1999) when in the restaurant negotiating his re-entry to the matrix and eating a stake, Cypher says: ‘…you know what I realise? Ignorance is bliss.’ Do people really think about how the meat on their plate gets there? Now we start to realise what is wrong: guilt!

Ignorance comes at a price. Subconsciously, people know how the meat gets on their plate; it is pushed out of the mind and into the subconscious where it festers and rots. At some point the subconscious demands we take notice to what we have done. As a result, the price is feelings of guilt and shame. The emergence of these feelings of guilt are the direct result of knowing full well the process from animal to plate. The animal is roaming around a field if it is lucky and then is slaughtered, this is killed by someone or by a machine, it is then skinned and chopped up, packaged and sent to a store where someone buys it. The person eating the meat has not had to kill the animal and this is the ignorance part, but as I have said people know in their subconscious were the meat comes from. If the idea of thinking about an animal being killed and screaming out in pain puts you of your stake, the you would push down these unwanted feelings of horror into the subconscious in an attempt to live blissfully unaware. Subsequently, the attempts to live in bliss takes a lot of energy because the conscience wants to scream out, ‘I know what you did!’ This results in manifested feelings of disassociated guilt and shame. Many if not all people have pondered what an animal might say to its captors. Would it plead for its life? Would it beg for mercy? If it had the ability to do so, could you still kill? As the frightened animal looks you in the eye, shaking and trying to back away, could you really kill it just because you are afraid of a baby corn? All meat eaters know where their food comes from and in order to eat meat, they must suppress the knowledge in order to eat. Such guilt and shame can only lead to one thing: low self-esteem. Subsequently, there is a price to be paid for eating meat, or as an existentialist might say eating dead animal flesh.

The price of ignorance is one of those ‘that somethings’ that is wrong with life. After reading this, you will do one of three things: vow to change if you are a meat eater, continue to live as a vegetarian or vegan or you will go back to pushing reality to the back of your mind in order to eat something you have been told to. However, it will not be guilt free.


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