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All Saints Church hold BBQ at community day

By T. McDonald. | Date 14th of June 2019 

On Saturday the 1st June 2019 All Saints Church in Newmarket held a barbecue for their community day event.  The event included a barbecue, games for children, tea/coffee, cakes, the cornerstone project and a stool for the town pastors. The food was amazing with a choice of burgers, sausages or hot dogs.

More than a BBQ

The event had much more to offer than just a barbecue. For instance, there were games for children, which were available outside, which included giant bubble making. In addition, there were tables to sit at and a plant stool. Not only were there things going on outside there were also things going on inside too such as tea and cakes along with information about the cornerstone project and a stool for the town pastors who gave me a leaflet on their work. 

Accessibility to the church

Welcoming atmosphere

The event had an overwhelmingly friendly atmosphere. I enjoyed a couple of big juicy burgers from the barbecue that were cooked to perfection! I was treated to some great company from a warm and friendly community of people in the grounds outside. Inside I had tea and some cake and yet more friendly and stimulating conversations about prayer, Christian belief and the cornerstone project. One interesting thing that I found out about the project was the problems some people face in accessing the Church services: the pews get in the way of the wheel chairs! Therefore, it makes sense to replace the pews with chairs making it easy for people in wheel chairs to sit with other worshippers. At current, people using wheelchairs are separated from others attending the service; they have no choice but to sit in a different area at the back of the pews as a result. In addition, I was very inspired by the thoughtfulness of peoples’ consideration of others in the church, which I felt added to the incredibly friendly atmosphere. 

Double BBQ means double the fun!

Upon leaving, I felt well nourished both physically and spiritually due to the fantastic food and fellowship with really nice people. This is something I would recommend to anyone, so keep an eye out for future events.

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Photography of barbecue by T McDonald.

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